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The plants are used for a treatment according to class 3 or 4 and can be delivered in different diameters and lengths, according to your needs.

The timber is brought under vacuum and subsequently under pressure, which results in a deep penetration of the liquid. The machine is standard delivered with PLC control, which means you can follow all the operations during the fully automatic cycle.

The software of the computer has a lot of possibilities and can also be adapted in accordance with your needs. Because of the many possibilities, we are able to make a study for you in order to offer you the most appropriate installation.

Each autoclave consist of a heavy, stable construction in front of which is a movable bridge with rails which enables the carts to be driven in and out of the machine.

At the side or beneath the autoclave are storage tanks in which the chemicals are stocked.

An industrial PC controls the complete cycle of the autoclave. Via graphs it is possible to track data such as consumption, time, pressure,... per cycle.

At the same time, certificates for customers or recognised organisations can be printed out.

Through the internet we are able to analyse faults and make software modifications which will result in less costs for the customer.