Dip tanks

For the treatment of timber in accordance with the norms of class 2, we have our dip tanks. The timber treated this way, can only be used inside.

In this process the timber is dipped using a hydraulic lift system.

The loading capacity goes from:
  • 2,9 ton for economic plants
  • over 5 ton for the most standardized plants
  • till 15 ton for the large volumes.
The plants can be fitted with different options.

Note: according to the regulations, the dip tank must be placed in a collecting tank. The collecting tank must have the same volume as the plant. We deliver the collecting tank as an option.

  • leach out system
  • repeated dip system
  • double wall
  • mixing tank with transfer pump
  • collecting tank
  • heating
  • cover
  • water tight cover
  • dosing system
  • support for product barrels
  • mixing system
  • explosion proof execution

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